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I have the worlds most flat hair, i have tried so many different products to add some volume to my hair and almost all hair products fail apart from these. The Naked Volume Body Building Shampoo* and Naked Volume Weightless Conditioner* are the perfect combo for my flat hair. Do you want to know the best part? For both products they cost under £10 for them both! At first, i really thought these products weren't going to work, however after using them once my opinions had completely changed.

Naked Volume Hair
The smell of these products is gorgeous, to me they feel similar to Aveda products which i freaking love but this scent is so much better, i love a natural scent! The scent doesn't linger too much in your hair, not enough to be noticeable throughout the day which i don't really mind.

When i use this i find that it some what deep cleans my hair which is great for me as i use a lot of product and it can sometimes build up. It lathers really nicely even with a tiny amount of shampoo and the scent really releases so my bathroom always ends up smelling lovely while i use this! The conditioner claims to be weightless which i 100% agree with, i have stupidly long hair and i find that some conditioners really weight down my hair but this one doesn't! 

When my hair was wet, it felt really dry like the moisture had been sucked out and that really scared me but as i dried my hair, my hair got softer and softer which i wasn't expected too much as this is a volume shampoo and conditioner. But i think they might be to do with me using more natural shampoos and conditioners as im not used to them (these ones are 97% natural and suitable for vegetarians). I would recommend leaving the conditioner in your hair for at least two minutes for better results! 

As for the volume from using these two products together, i really noticed a difference! My has looked lovely and full every time i have used this which lasted all day! I really recommend this if you have super flat hair like me! 

Both the shampoo and conditioner are priced at a affordable £3.99 each and are available here

Have you tried these before? What did you think?

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*PR Sample, all opinions are honest and my own.


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