Boxing Day Sales Wishlist

After Christmas comes to an end *sheds a tear just thinking about it* the only other thing that excites me is the boxing day sales, i hate new years! I thought i would share some of the beauty items i am hoping goes in the sales this year so i can get my hands on them! Here's what im hoping to get in the sales this year....

1. Topshop mini lip bullet in bloody red £5; I love the topshop make up that i have tried but i have never tried their lip products so i think this would be a great place to start!
2. Nars Eyeliner Set £30; i have been wanting to try nars stuff for about a year now and i have heard such great things about their eyeliners so i think it would be a fab place to start trying out the brand!
3. Illamasqua Snow Glitter £15; i have seen so many pictures of this and i think i have fallen in love with it, i just love the effect it gives!
4. Stila Colour Me Glossy Set £29.50; i think this set is such a good deal even without it being discounted so if it does discount i will for sure be getting my hands on these! Heard some great things about these and i think this would be a great way to try them out!
5. Too Faced All I Want For Christmas Set £35; Again, the same with stila and nars, i have been wanted to try out this brand for at least a year and this set looks great because it has all of the products i want to try out in it!
6. Lush's Snow Fairy Shower gel; I love this stuff and im not sure i can go a whole year without it, im pretty sure that Lush does a 50% off sale every year so i will be getting my hands on as much snow fairy as i can!

Whats on your boxing day sales wishlist?

Merry Christmas!



  1. ooh I really hope LUSH does that 50% sale! I love snow fairy and need to stock up xx

  2. I didn't know Lush did a sale, that's amazing!
    I'm not in the country on boxing day though, maybe they will do it in America!

  3. Snow fairy and stila are right on my list! Amazing selection, definitely wanna nab a few of these myself! xx

  4. Snow fairy is my favorite !! need to stock up on those :) Would you like tot allow each other on Bloglovin and GFC :) xx

  5. Snow Fairy is my absolute favourite, I can't get enough of the scent! Good choices, can't wait to hit the sales now!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. I too have been wanting to try Illamasqua as I have heard great things. Also love Lush Snow Fairy too .. but then again who doesnt?! :)

    I am now following :) x

  7. The illamasqua snow glitter is on sale on ASOS!!!!

    Check out - i have a giveaway running :)

  8. ooh id love to try that Illamasqua polish!ive got nailsincs snowflake polish and its great!:)x

  9. Lovely Blog and an amazing wishlist.
    Care to follow each other GFC and Bloglovin?

  10. Want those Stila glosses as well, they seem just lovely!

    xo Mel
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

  11. These are all so gorgeous! My favourite item here is Snow Fairy, i love the sweet fragrance! x

  12. Snow Glitter looks lovely doesn't it :) hope you get some of these items in the sales.
    Amy x

  13. Great post! I love your wishlist, especially #4! :D


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