Dior Beauty Loyalty Programme - Everything You Need to Know

If there is something I love, it's free products and discount codes. Dior is one of my favourite beauty brand, I have been buying Dior makeup since I was 14. Dior has a loyalty programme and whenever I share reels of the free items I received through the programme, I get some questions about it so I thought I would share everything you need to know!Dior Beauty Loyalty Programme

Dior Beauty Loyalty Programme
The Dior loyalty programme is a free programme to join, I make all of my Dior purchases online but you can also make purchases in-store. The programme is only available on beauty and fragrance purchases. All of the perks are completely free as it is a rewards programme, every time you make a purchase it adds it to your loyalty account and will help you level up. As far as I'm aware, only purchases made with Dior directly apply but it does say on the website that purchases at the Harrods Beauty Halls counters also apply. You add a digital loyalty card to your wallet on your iPhone but there isn't a physical card. 

There are four different tiers with each coming with a different set of perks. In your My Exclusive Beauty Program account you can also complete small daily tasks to earn lucky charms to enter raffles to win products as well. The four loyalty levels are:

- Pearl: (everybody starts at this level) comes with a 2nd purchase treat and express in-store makeup session. 
- Silver: (2 purchases or more of £250 combined) comes with a silver welcome gift, event invitations and express in-store makeup session. 
- Gold: (3 purchases or more of £600 combined) comes with gold welcome gift, Gold birthday gift, event invitations and exclusive beauty services. 
- Platinum: (4 purchases or more with £1,200 combined) comes with a platinum welcome gift, platinum birthday gift, seasonal surprise gift, event invitations and exclusive beauty services. 

I'm currently at Gold status and once you hit a level, you stay at that level for 12 months unless you level up. I have posted videos on Instagram of the three gifts I have got through the programme. The second purchase treat was a mini Miss Dior fragrance and a mini red lipstick.  

Silver Welcome Gift Video

Gold Welcome Gift Video

Gold Birthday Gift Video

For a couple of my gifts, I have had issues with receiving them and Dior in my experience doesn't have the best customer service. For my gold welcome gift, I tried to order it online and it removed it from my order after it went through. I hit that level in January and only received my gift last week. I know a lot of people also have had issues and don't give up, the only way I have got anywhere with customer service is by email, they were useless on live chat and on the phone. 

They tried to tell me they no longer send out the gifts to your address however I did check the terms and conditions a couple of months ago and if you have only made purchases online, it says they will post them to you. But they did try to tell me repeatedly to go to my closest store to get the gift but I don't have a store within a couple of hours near me.

Every couple of months the gifts do change and they are different by country from what I have seen online. 



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