Christmas Sales Haul: Clothing

I hope you all had a great christmas season! One of my favourite things when Christmas comes to an end, is the sales! I have had to split my haul into two different parts as some of the stuff i ordered online hasn't been delivered yet! So today i have all of the clothing bits i picked up in the sales, i think i did good! I think almost everything i got was at least 50% off! The two places that i shopped in this year was New Look and Primark and i can't believe everything i got from Primark was 50%! Its cheap enough as it is which meant that everything was almost free! Lets get into what i picked up...

First up from Primark, i picked up a pair of their slipper socks with penguins on, aren't they so cute?! These were £3 then down to a £1! The boots are also from Primark, i needed a new pair of little ankle boots because i didn't actually have a pair as all of my old pairs had broken and these babies were £8 then down to £4, what a steal!

I am in love with this Primark dress, i actually almost got this a few days before Christmas and im so glad i didn't get it because it went down from £13 to £5! I couldn't believe it! It actually textured but the picture doesn't really give it justice because it is lovely It has Fake leather little capped sleeves which i love too! They had this dress in a few different colours too but i only seem to wear black these days and you can't go wrong with a black dress! This dress is actually really well made for Primark too!

When i was this top in Primark, i had to have it! I love bunnies, i have one and i they are the best pets in the world! This PJ top was £3.50 down to £2! It's really soft and i cannot get over how cute it is!

I actually got a New Look gift card for Christmas so all of the next items were paid for with that mostly!

I love this top, i actually have it on while im typing this and it is so comfy! I love that its really long because it covers my bum which means i can wear it with leggings! This top was £14.99 but was down to £6!

And because i loved the grey one so much i had to pick up the green one too! They also had it in a dark red but they didn't have it in my size otherwise i would have picked that one up too! This one was £14.99 down to £5!

This is my favourite find of the sales. Before i went shopping, i was telling my mum how i wanted something velvet and then i found this. It was meant for me! I love skater dresses and this has to be the most favourite one of all the ones i own! I love the mesh detail in the top! It also has a tie detail in the back! This dress was £19.99 then down to £10!

And thats it for all of the clothing that i picked up in the sales, i will have a beauty sales haul up in the next few days when all of the items get delivered!



  1. I love the Primark boots! I'm always amazed at how Primark can have sales when everything is already so cheap! Your favourite dress is so cute too - I love it!!
    Hope you had an amazing Christmas :)
    Keep in touch

  2. I bought that black dress from Primark just before Christmas! Gutted that its down to £5 now! D:

  3. These penguin slippers are so cute! Great bargains!

  4. The Primark dress was such a good saving!


  5. I love those tops, I really like ones which cover my bum x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  6. You picked up some great things, love that velvet dress! I still need to hit the sales... if I dare to that is! x

    Oh So Bridie | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  7. I love the Primark dress with leather sleeves!

  8. Just tagged you in the procrastinating beauty blogger tag on my blog :) You can click here to see the post, I'd love to see your answers!

    ♡ The British Teen ♡

    Heidi ♡

  9. just found your blog, I love the tops you picked up from Newlook! :)


  10. Those Primark boots are a steal for £4! Great sales buys :)


  11. awww the bunny tshirt is so cute :)

    xx Jeeshan

  12. Love the velvet dress, I am looking for one like that, I think I have seen one in Topshop that I like!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  13. Lovely items - I particularly love the look of the velvet dress. My velvet dress is one of my favourites :) xo
    Seek My Scribbles


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