Beauty Wishlist #2

I blame twitter for this wishlist and the #bbloggers chat! Every time im on there i always see new products being mentioned so i always give them a google and end up reading some good things about them and then i want them...hurry up payday! I think i *need* everything in this wishlist, my wanting to purchase beauty products is becoming a bit of a problem because, well, i want everything!

1. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Milk, Strawberry Milk, French Fries & Cottage Cheese £5 each; I have been wanting to buy this for years and the only thing that puts me off is the delivery price £4.50! No thanks! I have seen them on eBay ALOT cheaper and with free delivery so if you have purchased them from eBay let me know, it worries me a little bit!

2. Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette £20; This was recommended to me in a #bbloggers chat and i went and had a little google of it and it looks perfect for me, its all the three products i need in one! If you have any reviews on this, link them below please!

3. Benefit POREfessional Powder: Agent Zero Shine £23.50; i have seen some reviews on this and i am completely sold on it! It looks AMAZING! I need this asap!

4. L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara £5.99 (on offer); i love trying out new mascaras and the girl in the promo pictures lashes look AMAZING which is what has completely sold me on it and at the introductory price it would be rude not to give it a go!

5. The New Black Demi Lovato Safari 5-Piece Set £22.95; I love Demi and everything she does these days and when i heard she had nail polishes out, i screamed in excitement! The colours in this set are perfect for me because i love darker shades! Cannot wait to pick this up!

Whats on your beauty wishlist?



  1. Love the look of these, certainly on my wishlist too! I like the look of this mascara too, I think I'll get it while it's on introductory price x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. Nice wish list! I think the first thing on my wish list would be the new NYX Butter Lipsticks.

    Ray | Obey Ray

  3. I have the NYX milk product but I haven't fallen totally in love with it. I really want try out the POREfessional range though, heard so many great things.


  4. I'm desperate to try the Urban Decay Flushed palette! I can't believe how inexpensive it is - I definitely thought it would be a lot more! x


  5. I want to try L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara - Im mascara junkie & can never resist a new one

  6. The Naked Flushed is on my wish list too, its soooo pretty and I love compacts where I actually use all the products in it. Makes travelling easier too. Love this :) xx


  7. Ive been eying up that mascara all this week! I saw its on sale at superdrug... Its tempting!

  8. The nyx jumbo eye pencils are amazing I love them!!

  9. I'm the same with the NYX jumbo eye pencils, I'm always scared of buying them on ebay too haha!
    Lucy x
    Sailor Speak


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