Black Friday With Jewellery Box

Black Friday has taken the UK by storm and this year everybody seems to be getting involved. Jewellery Box has six products at such low prices that you are going to want to order them all but you can only pick one to make sure you pick the perfect item! All six of these items are going to be on sale from tomorrow so take the evening to decide on which one want! 
Black Friday With Jewellery Box
Black Friday With Jewellery Box
Black Friday With Jewellery Box
Black Friday With Jewellery Box
Each of these six items are just £1 each, yes you heard be correctly ONE POUND! With P&P only £1 on all orders for Black Friday for under £10 (over £10 is free) it is still an absolute bargain. There are four gorgeous sets of earrings and two bracelet or necklace charms. Each of the gorgeous pieces has at least £3.50 discount and goes up to £7 off on one of the pieces. Each of these items would make a gorgeous stocking filler or secret santa gift so they not pick one up tomorrow while they are just £1. 

First up is the Sterling Silver 4mm Ball Pull Through Earrings. These are normally £6 and I have never seen anything like these earrings before, so unique. These dangle down from behind the ear and feel so comfortable in. While these are simple earrings they would look gorgeous with the hair up and add a little something to an outfit. The next pair of earrings are the Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver 3mm Ball Studs. It's no secret that I am a big rose gold lover and these are gorgeous and classic. These are normally £5 so you have a £4 saving on these tomorrow. 

I don't have a good pair of small gold hoops and these are perfect and they are the 18ct Gold Dipped Sterling Silver Hoop Sleeper Earrings. These earrings are normally £5.50  The final pair of earrings for Black Friday are the Sterling Silver Frosted 4mm Ball Studs. These are sparkly looking and are the perfect size for me. These are normally £4.50 but again just £1 only for tomorrow! The last two items for Black Friday are charms for necklaces and bracelets, if you know someone who has a charm bracelet or necklace one of these would be a great little gift for Christmas. There is a Duck which is normally £5 and a gorgeous Snowflake. 

All of these items will be available here tomorrow - link. Which one do you choose?


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  1. Cute items, I have some of their jewellery and its so pretty will definitely be checking them out
    Carrieanne xx


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