Makeup Revolution Unicorns Are Real Palette (+ Swatches)

When it comes to fun eyeshadow palettes, I always look to Makeup Revolution! As I tend to be quite boring with my eyeshadow most days, I like to find good fun palettes on a budget and for £4 a palette from Makeup Revolution you can't go wrong! Makeup Revolution are firm believers that Unicorns are real and this palette is one of the newer Unicorn related releases and it is packed full of gorgeous and fun shades.
Makeup Revolution Unicorns Are Real Palette
Makeup Revolution Unicorns Are Real Palette
Makeup Revolution Unicorns Are Real Palette Swatches
The Makeup Revolution Unicorns Are Real Palette includes 12 shimmery and magical shades to create a makeup look fit for any Unicorn! This palette has a great mixture of light and dark shades so you can create any makeup look or add a little pop of colour to your makeup. You can either use the 12 shadows as they are or you can mix them with the Aqua Seal for a foiled effect, I am going to order the Aqua Seal soon so I can see how the shadows transform. Although this palette isn't something I would personally use on an everyday basis, I do think it is great to have in your collection for experimenting and for £4 if you don't use it every day, you aren't really wasting any money. 

Each of the shadows have good pigmentation but I would definitely say that the darker shades have more pigmentation. The lighter shades add more of a sheen to the eyes but I think these would transform beautifully with the Aqua Seal. All of the shadows are incredibly soft and while I was swatching them I didn't notice too much fall out. When I applied the shadows with a synthetic brush I found that they applied well and still got great colour pay off. I preferred to apply the shadows to my lid with my finger so that the colour was a little more intense. While I like to keep it pretty neutral with my eye makeup, during the Spring and Summer I like to add a pop of colour to my lower lash line which is the main way I have been using this palette. I have been really enjoying using the blue and purple tone shades. 

I think if you are looking for a fun palette to add to your collection, this is it. At £4 I think it is a great price point to experiment with makeup and try something a little different! I have always loved the Makeup Revolution eye shadow palettes and I know that I will be using this palette more using the Summer for pops of colour. The Unicorns Are Real Palette is available from the Makeup Revolution website - HERE.


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own. 


  1. I really want unicorns to be real, this palette looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, I don't tend to go for the brighter palettes but the pigmentation is so nice, I don't think you can go wrong really x


  2. This is such a beautiful palette, the colours are all so so pretty. I'm a big fan of Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes, such good quality for so cheap!

    L x

  3. If the unicorn name didnt drag me in (it did) - those shades would have anyway! SO GOOD! I think the prettiest ones for me are the lighter ones toward the left, and I do love a pretty pink! xxx

  4. I love their palettes! I've got one and use it all the time, but not this one. Although bright shades aren't my thing, this palette is so pretty and you're right, at £4 it's totally justifiable for a little treat, even trying something new! x

  5. I love this swatches! Great palette!

    Lovely blog you have here, I need to visit more often!


  6. I absolutely love Makeup Revolution, they do the most beautiful palettes :) x


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