New Beauty Launches (September 2017)

There have been so many new launches lately I can tell I am going to be broke soon! These are some of my favourite launches for all budgets from £3 to £50+. I have some super affordable products that are exciting me too much and I just can't wait to order them. Let me know what your favourite new launch is, I love finding out about new products coming out. 
New Beauty Launches

The Huda Beauty new palette looks absolutely stunning and I am super interested to see reviews and tutorials with this one as I have seen that it's kind of similar to the ABH Sub Culture Palette with the fall out issues. Urban Decay are actually having a flash sale tomorrow (5th September 2017) before the nationwide launch of the Troublemaker Mascara on 28th if you do want to get your hands on it early! I have been hearing good things so I can't wait to try it out for myself soon. The flash sale will be on UK Urban Decay website. 

I love Superdrug as they often add a lot of the Christmas stock early for testing and I have spotted so many gems! One of them being the Zoella Beauty Christmas collection for this year. I am in love with the packaging and I can't wait to pick up a couple of the sets as the scent sounds right up my street. I did a full post on this collection so if you want to find out more about this collection and see it in full, you can check that out here

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  1. I'm super super excited for the launch of the Desert Dusk palette!! I've seen good reviews about it and I love the color selection!

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  2. I can't wait to try the Clinique bubble mask!

  3. The Huda Beauty palette is stunning! Some day I'll manage to purchase one, but in the meantime I'll drool over the beautiful makeup that people create with it. I also love the look of the RT Brush set, it does seem to have all major essentials in there and looks pretty too! Enjoyable to read as ever Xx :)

  4. The Desert Dusk palette looks amazing, I can't wait to see some reviews and swatches of this too! I just bought the new Urban Decay mascara so I really hope it lives up to its hype!! Great round up as usual xx

    emily x ❤ |

  5. Reading this just cost me £56 because I will not rest until I have that Huda palette ����


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