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Welcome to my beauty corner of the internet where I talk all things beauty and lifestyle! The reason I started this blog was because I started to pretty much bore my friends and family talking about makeup so I thought why not start a blog and share it all on there! I have been writing beauty posts since January of 2013 on Hannah Heartss and was a contributing writer on Really Ree for about a year and a half. 

Not only am I absolutely obsessed with makeup and anything beauty related, I am also a huge WWE fan and am always tweeting about the current storylines! I even went to RAW at The o2 back in 2015, I walked past Dean Ambrose and almost fainted. I have two gorgeous bunnies, Bailey and Buttons who I basically spam over on Instagram stories. 

I am a total social media addict and you can find me at:

Twitter: @HannahHeartss 
Instagram: @Hannahheartss
Facebook: Hannah Heartss 
Google+: Hannah Heartss 

For any PR requests or anything else please feel free to email me at:



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