Real Techniques Your Picks Set

I hadn't had any new makeup brushes from Real Techniques in a while and I couldn't pass up this set when I spotted it in the sale for just £10. Real Techniques are one of the best makeup brush brands on the high street and I have never had too many problems and have always found the brushes to be of good quality. The main reason I wanted to pick up this set was for the Buffing Brush as I used to love it for foundation application but mine had broke. 
Real Techniques Your Picks Set
Real Techniques Your Picks Set
Real Techniques Your Picks Set
This is the Your Picks Set from Real Techniques which has had the design picked by fans of the brand, for the first time ever. I really like the colours and design of the brushes handles, each of the brushes has a black and white print with purple rubberized bottoms. Each of the brushes also as the brush name on them which I like as it's nice to know which brush you are using and if you are a beginner with makeup, it makes it easier to look up the uses of each brush. There are five brushes included in this brush set for the face and eyes, these brushes are:

- Buffing Brush: this brush is ideal for full coverage powder and mineral foundation applications.
- Contour Brush: perfect to use to apply highlighter or contour products delicately. Can also be used to create a sheer, soft-focus finish.
- Stippling Brush: Can be used for all types of makeup application for a high definition and airbrushed result.
- Deluxe Crease Brush: Great for effortless contouring of the eyes and blending.
- Base Shadow Brush: Perfect for applying eyeshadow to the lid or crease.

These five brushes are much softer than what I remember Real Techniques being, I was really impressed when I first opened up the box. I do really like the selection of brushes that they decided to include in this gift set as it is all brushes that I would actually use and a beginner in makeup would too. The Buffing Brush is one of my all time favourite tools for liquid foundation application, it makes it so easy and I can get really good coverage with this brush. The Deluxe Crease Brush is another old favourite of mine so I was happy to now have another in my collection. Although this brush has been designed to be used on the eyes, I love to use it concealer application, it makes it so easy, just like the Buffing Brush.

The Stippling Brush and Contour Brush are both brushes that I hadn't tried before but I have been loving using them. The Contour Brush is great for applying highlight to the cheekbones but I have also been using it to apply loose powder under the eyes to set my concealer. The Stippling Brush has been my favourite brush to apply blush to the cheeks as you can really control the amount of product you apply with this brush and I don't have to worry about overdoing my blush when I use this.

If you do want to pick this up for a similar price I did, I would keep an eye on Amazon as I have noticed it a few times on there for £9.99 but as of writing this post the cheapest I have found it is £16.66 which is still a good deal as it normally retails for £24.99 - HERE.



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