Fragrance Direct Haul #1

This website is my new favourite. I love it. Fragrance Direct is a website which sells a lot of discounted beauty products, from perfumes to nail polish to make up. They have quite a big range of products. I had seen a few hauls previously from this website and i mainly made an order because of the great deal on Essie polishes. I purchased:

❀ 3 Essie Polishes; Mojito Madness, Bikini So Teeny, Neo Whimsical. I mainly wanted Bikini So Teeny because of Macbarbie07 on Youtube, i just love her and she mentioned this in her favourites and i had to get it! These polishes were £1.99 each, cannot believe the deal here. These normally are £6.99/7.99 depending on where you purchase from.
❀ Sally Hansen Dry Kwik; i got this because i always mes sup my nails straight after i do them and it really bugs me and my previous drying top coat had just ran out so when i saw this i thought it was worth a go. This was £1.50
❀ Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips in 340 Girl Flower; i had seen this in tkmaxx because and always wish i picked them up. These were £1.99 and i thought these would be great for summer just on one nail as a cool effect!

❀ Dainty Doll Blush in 003 Money Talks; this was a bargain at £1.99! I have just ran out of Benefit's Dallas which i love i think it looks good on my skin because im so pale and i thought this was close so i thought i would give it a go. 
❀ Kate Moss Rimmel London Lipstick in 19; this is a lot darker than i thought it was going to be, but i think i can work with it. I think in the summer when im a bit darker with a tan it will look better. This was £1.99.

Dainty Doll Blush in Money Talks

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipstick in 19.

Essie Polishes; Mojito Madness, Neo Whimsical and Bikini So Teeny. 

All of these products cost a grand total of £16.43 with delivery, with a total saving of £41.02! That is amazing saving, cannot beat that! I will be ordering again soon.



  1. great picks - that is a bargain! I really want to try dainty doll makeup soon x

  2. I've got to get my hands on those Essie colors ASAP!

  3. Those are great rates, especially for the Essie polishes. Love the colour of the blush.
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  4. Great haul! The mail strips are gorgeous!!

  5. i love how dainty doll is formulated for people with pale skin, they're the only blushers i really like for daily wear :) good finds!

    katy xxx

  6. I bought the Sally Hansen polish strips a couple of years go in Canada and they are so nice on! I'm also waiting for an order from this site and have repurchased them :) x

  7. I love the Essie Bikini So Teeny! Perfect color for spring :)

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  8. Love the Essie nail varnish colours and the Kate Moss lipstick. You got loads of beauty bargains here!

    Kathryn x

  9. Lovely polish colors!


  10. I nearly bought bikini so teeny too but I resisted and just went for the dainty doll blushes instead.looks like you got some great bargains here!!xxx


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