Festive Jumpers | Countdown To Christmas!

There is only one month until Christmas Day ekkkk!

With it being about at the end of November now, i feel it is expectable to wear a festive jumper! I have found some good ones this year and i think there is one for everyone, from the crazy ones to the toned down ones! I love being festive from wearing a Christmas jumper to making my room smell like a winter day! Here are my favourite Christmas Jumpers that i have found this year!

Festive Jumpers | Countdown To Christmas!

1. Ted Baker Fairisle Christmas Jumper £99; I think this kind of print is one you can get away with wearing for more of winter rather than just for Christmas. The pink colours make it super girly!
2. Superdry Torsby Fairisle Crew Sweater £50; I think this one is a lot more wearable than some of the ones i have picked as it isn't in your face Christmas. I like how this has darker colours. 
3. River Island White Christmas Fairisle Jumper £35; i must admit this one is like your screaming Christmas at all times but i love it! I love the print of this one and i think its one of my favourites from this post. 
4. South Christmas Stripe Reindeer Jumper £25; I love how fluffy this looks, super cosy for the colder weather coming!
5. South Candy Cane Sweatshirt Christmas Top £22; I love candy canes so this one really attracted me, its just so cute!
6. New Looks Pink Sequin Snowflake Christmas Sweater £17.99; I love this one, i think it would be great to wear when the ground is covered with snow!

I am for sure going to have to pick up a Christmas super soon, as i am going away for a 'Winter Wonderland' weekend break at the end of the month and i just want to be all festive all of the time!

Would you be seen in a Christmas Jumper? Which one is your favourite?



  1. I love all these jumpers, what a gorgeous selection! So festive - I love number 6!! xxx


  2. I love 3 and 4, like you say 3 screams Christmas, I think with Christmas jumpers you either go subtle or over the top, I like to go more over the top but 4 is rather nice and subtle it does look cosy, I hope the sleeves are extra long!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

  3. Love your picks! I brought the cutest penguin jumper from primark yesterday :) really got me in the mood for Christmas x


  4. I love the new look sweater, its so classy for a christmas jumper!
    elizabethsophiee x

  5. I love numbers 5 and 6 :) they are so pretty! xx

  6. I've never bought a christmas jumper before but I am so tempted to this year!

  7. Love jumper 4!! Its such a shame that christmas jumpers can only be worn for so long! Emmaalexandra1996.blogspot.co.uk xxxx

  8. I love the really expensive ones. I might have to get the Ted Baker one. It's amazing

  9. Nothing screams christmas more than a festive jumper!♥

    Sharlotte xxx

  10. Gorgeous picks! I actually love the new look one and great value xx


  11. Love number 3, River Island always do the best jumpers!



  12. Oh, I love all of these jumpers, especially the first pink one, it's so cute!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  13. Ooo Love the snowflake one, very cute and wintery

    Kylie - lazy2lovley.blogspot.co.uk

  14. I love Decmber & everything related to Xmas, so defintely loving all those sweaters :) I got quite some new ones this year, yikes...actually I don'r regret it at all ;) Tom Tailor had some really cute ones as well! xxxx


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