Dad Gift Ideas | Countdown To Christmas

There are only 28 sleeps until Christmas Day!

Buying Christmas presents for any man is difficult but i find buying for my dad especially hard. Whenever i ask him what he wants for Christmas he always replied with nothing, so helpful thanks dad! So i thought i would a post about a few different gift ideas for Dads, these are some of the types of things i would get my Dad for Christmas or have got him in previous years!

Dad Gift Ideas | Countdown To Christmas
1. iPod Touch; almost all men i know love a gadget and my dad is no different, he actually asked for one this year but i had one that i wasnt using anymore so i just gave it to him! I love the new iPod touches because they come in a whole range of different colours and you can also have them personalised on the back so you can add a little message!
2. Slippers; These ones are from Ted Baker and i think they are classic slippers for any Dad! 
3. Nivea Gift Set; i love to get my dad gift sets, i don't know why but they are one of my favourite gifts to give (plus they are easy to wrap!) 
4. A fragrance gift set; I find that my Dad never buys himself anything let-alone a nice fragrance so i always try to make sure to get him one so he is stocked up for the year!
5. Funny Books; This one is my favourite from that i have found this year. I always try to get a funny gift to give him and i think this one will be perfect for this year!
6.  Desktop Basketball; A great gift for someone who is always at there desk working away but needs that little break!

What are you planning on getting the men in your life for Christmas this year?



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