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Hi, my name is Hannah and i have an online shopping problem! I just cannot stop myself this month, i think it might be time i put myself on a spending ban and give my bank cards to my mum so i can't buy anything! I still have about four things coming that i have ordered online, damn you Illamasqua for adding more things to the sale! So ill put them in another post when they arrive and let you know my thoughts on them! I have loved the sales this year, i got some amazing deals!

Images of Beauty Products From The Sales
First i picked up a Lee Stafford hair kit in Boots, i think i got it for about £7 with 50% discount, i actually love all of these products and have used them before years ago and really enjoyed using them! What i love mainly about the dry shampoo in this set is that it is clear, having black hair means i can't use a lot of dry shampoo's because they give off a white/grey spray which isn't a good look for me!

From John Lewis i picked up one of the Topshop mini Lip Bullets for a bargain of £2! I had never tried any of the Topshop lip products and when i saw this i thought it would be a great place to start! The colour is beautiful and is the perfect size for keeping in my handbag! 

I also picked up a concealer from Illamasqua on Boxing Day for £5! I love the packaging of all of the Illamasqua products and i actually picked up a blush the other day in the sale too and there is another blush i have my eye on so i might have to get that one aswell! I went for the lightest shade in the concealer as i am a ghost and it is basically white, the shade is CC105.

Picture of Topshop and Illamasqua Products
Packaging of the Topshop Lip Bullet & Illamasqua concealer.

This next set has to be my favourite thing that i picked up in the sales so far! I had been wanted to try Stila for the longest time and when i saw a tweet about their sale and that they had free delivery i knew i was going to get my hands on something! I managed to pick up a blush and lip gloss duo (breast cancer awareness one) for £3.25 down from £13! They still have this set on ASOS at full price too! I really wanted the Written in the Stars eye shadow palette but it was sold out when i purchased the duo but i checked the website the other day and luckily it was in stock so i managed to pick that up for £3.75 down from £15, still waiting for that to arrive as well!

Picture of Stila lipgloss and Blush Set

What did you pick up in the sales this year? Would you like reviews on anything featured in this post? 



  1. the stila products are really cute :)

    xx Jeeshan

  2. Would love to see a review on your Illamasqua concealer as I literally had it in my online basket on Boxing Day (so cheap at £5!) but I stopped in my tracks as I already have lots of concealers anyway. I was also going to buy a super pale shade so looking forward to a review if you do one x

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  3. Got some amazing bargains, jealous! x

    Lauren | What Lauren Says

  4. You have some great bits there! Complete bargains too! I don't blame you for treating yourself!
    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  5. You got some amazing bargains! :)
    I posted about some of the bargains I got in the sales too, would love if you could check them out.
    I'd love a review of the Topshop lip bullet.

  6. I ordered the Stila Written In The Stars palette in the sale but haven't received it yet - can't wait! I'd love to hear what you think of the Topshop Lip Bullets x


  7. love the colour of that lip bullet! - What's it like on?
    Rachel x @

  8. It sounds like you got these at great prices. I've put myself on a spending freeze since the middle of December but now that my credit cards are paid off :) it's time to play.

  9. the pink kit looks adorable! I've always wanted to pick up some Illamasqua products! Sounds like you got an AMAZING deal on that concealer :)

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  11. I didn't have time to do any sale shopping this year which i am so disappointed about. You picked up some great bargains though!


  12. Great bargains! I'd love to see a review on the Topshop lip bullet :)

    Monica x
    The Total Opposite

  13. Great finds! Love Stila and Illamasqua :)



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