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I have been loving lip products lately, specially Revlon. To me, they are the best drugstore/high street products out there which is making me want to buy every shade.. not so good for my bank balance! I hate lipsticks and glosses which for the longest time put me off lip products all together and for years I would only year lip balm until I found these products which are the Lacquer Balms, Matte Balms and Lip Butters

Lacquer & Matte Balms

Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms

These are fairly new to me but I already want every shade. I thought at first I wasn't going to be a massive fan of the Lacquer balms and they have turned out to be my favourites. The shades in the lacquer balms I have are Demure 105: a light baby pink with slight glitter which is perfect for everyday, Coquette 110: a lovely medium pink which can be worn in the day time for night time if you layer it up and Whimsical 115: a deep purple shade but can still be worn in the day time without looking silly. All of the Lacquer Balms have glitter in but once applied on the lips its not overly noticeable. What I love about these is that they have quite a good staying power, they last at least four hours on my lips and when they do start to fade they do it nicely so it doesn't look like you have lip liner on! These are super glossy/shiny which is always a bonus. If you don't like the minty smell or the slight tingle that they give your lips then these aren't for you but I love the mintyness!

The Matte Balms are lovely, they don't dry your lips out like some matte lip products do however if your lips are dry it will show that so make sure you have smooth lips before you these! The two shades I have are Elusive 205: a darker nude pink that is perfect for everyday and Audacious 245: a bright orangey coral, I really love this one and I think it is going to be perfect for summer. Again with these like the Lacquer Balms the staying power is great, I would say that these last slightly longer because of the matte finish. 

Revlon Matte Lacquer Balms Swatches
Top down: Elusive (Matte), Demure (Lacquer), Coquette (Lacquer), Whimsical (Lacquer) and Audacious (Matte).

 Lip Butters

Ever sense Ro sent me one in our swap, I have been obsessed and picked up a few different ones. The shades are still quite intense but they are slightly sheer when you compare them to the matte and lacquer balms but I quite like that. Like all Revlon packaging, I love the packaging on these, it kind of makes me happy just to sit and look at them. The shades I have are Invite Only: Green but actually goes on clear to give shine, Sweet Tart 090: a medium pink and Sorbet 053; A bright bubblegum pink. The staying power on these is pretty good, I find that they are on for about 3 hours before they start to fade which is pretty good for me.

Revlon Lip Butters


Revlon Lip Butter Swatches
Top Down: Invite only, Sweet tart and Sorbet

I think out of all the lip products featured in the post my current favourites would have to be Coquette Lacquer Balm, Audacious Matte Balm and Sorbet Lip Butter.

What are your favourite lip products?

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  1. I love the lip butters. I have a gorgeous one!
    Those colours are lovely.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. My favs from Revlon are the butter lips! They are great!

  3. I like the look of the laquer balms! Demure and Coquette look lovely! Danielle x

    frontière girl

  4. I need these in my life!!!

    chloe x

  5. you constantly made me buy it.... they are soooo lovely!

  6. I love the look of the matte balms they look gorgeous, haven't tried anything like it before xxxx

  7. Ooh this is so lovely !!I bought peach parfait lip butter and Demure today ! in love with them both... I did consider the matte ones but wasn;t as taken with them, i think they just scare me a bit haha !
    Thanks for leavin gyour link on my twitter last week, your blog is great and I've subscribe on bloglovin :)

  8. Two of my favourite things in one post, I can't get enough! For me, Revlon is the best drugstore brand there is hands down!

  9. Revlon have brought out some amazing lip products recently. It's not really a brand I used to go to but I've been loving all of these products, especially the matte balms. My favourites are Elusive & Striking xx

  10. Revlon is my favourite for lip products at moment!! Love the post babes! ☺️

  11. Have you tried Bourjois' similar ones? Are they better? I like the sound of these but am still in love with the Bourjois ones atm haha!xx
    Alex Georgie


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