Festive Yankee Candle Haul

Its the most wonderful time of the yearrrrr! With Halloween out of the way, I am in full Christmas mode which resulted in purchasing all of these Christmas Yankee Candle Tarts. Yankee Candle is by far my favourite candle brand, they have such incredible scents and they are even better at Christmas. I picked these scents from all over the place, eBay, a garden center and ASDA. If you haven't already got yourself a Yankee Candle Tart Burner, you need to go get yourself one this second. Mine has been the best purchase of the year and each tart comes in at just under £2 for 8 hours of beautiful fragrance. 
Yankee Candle Haul
This year there is four new scents for the festive season and I picked up three out of the four. I picked up Angel Wings, Christmas Garland and Candy Cane Lane. The only one I didn't pick up was Icicles as I wasn't a massive fan out it but my mum did pick it up and hopefully I will like it more once it is burning. Christmas Garland is my favourite out of the three, it smells like Christmas tree's and I cannot wait to burn this while putting up my Christmas tree to set the mood! While I was picking up the new scents, I treated myself to some old favourites, Snowflake Cookie and Cranberry Ice. Both smell amazing and are right up my street. All of these were £1.49 each.

From eBay I managed to pick up Season of Peace, North Pole and Snow in Love. North Pole smells incredible, its a mix of Peppermint and Vanilla and was pretty hard to track down. I have had my heart set on this scent ever since I first heard about it and I ended up paying around £3.50 for this tart alone but it is completely worth it. Season of Peace and Snow in Love are scents that I have had in the past so I knew I had to get them again this year. I paid 99p each for these. 

And finally from ASDA I picked up two of the Yankee Candle Simply Home scents. These are a bargain at £1 each. I went for the scents Holiday Magic and Christmas Treats. Christmas Treats smells exactly the same as Christmas Cookie so I am so glad I picked this one up. Holiday Magic smells like a spicy floral if that makes any sense!

Will you be picking up any festive scents this year?

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  1. Ah nothing beats the smell of Christmas (yankee style!) All these flavours look so gorgeous, I hope you enjoy them all! I'm pretty sure you will! I love the Christmas Cookie one they sell, the sweet ones are my favourite! x

  2. I recently discovered yankee candle for myself. It is not as readily available in Belgium but i ordered of the UK website. This stuff is awesome. Their scents are amazing and the variety is crazy. I just ordered a box full of candles for christmas and i am waiting for it to arrive. I cannot wait for decorating for christmas and putting those candles on. But well until then i will use up my autumnal scented stash :)


  3. These sound amazing! I definitely need to get some Christmas themed candles soon xx


  4. Snowflake Cookie is one of my faves <3

    Rachel | beautyandthebird.co.uk

  5. I love yankee candle and i think these are really awsome cheap alternatives from the big jars you can get. They smell just as good!

    Makes me think of Christmas already!

    Kerry B

  6. Love yankee candles and nothings better than the Christmas ones! Xx


  7. I'm so jealous, these all sound amazing!

    I definitely need to get myself a tart burner!

    Alice | AliceAllure

  8. I love the Christmas Yankee candles so much, I'm excited to get into the festive season! Great post :)


  9. North pole sounds amazing, the tarts are always so cute xx



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