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Tangle Teezer Fine & Fragile Review

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I adore Tangle Teezers! I swear by the brushes and I have been using them for years now and I always recommending them. This is my fifth or six one and it came at a great time. My hair is damaged and in need of a little help and this brush has made all the difference.
Tangle Teezer Fine & Fragile Review
Tangle Teezer Fine & Fragile Review
Tangle Teezer Fine & Fragile Review
The Fine & Fragile Tangle Teezer (£12) has been designed to be used on wet and dry hair. It has two-tiered soft-flex teeth that will glide through your hair with the teeth that are 30% softer than The Original brush. Having used The Original, it is definitely softer and much more gentle, I love how this feels on the scalp! The long teeth will help to detangle the hair while the short teeth smooth the hair cuticle. It will massage the scalp for healthier follicles. It's a palm-sized brush available in two colour options, I have the Pink Dawn colourway but it is also available in a gorgeous Mint Violet. 

This is one of three Tangle Teezers I use on a daily basis, it may seem excessive but they all have slightly different uses and I find they all work better for different things. I use The Wet Detangler to brush my hair while wet and before blow-drying, I have two of these brushes I love it that much. I use The Ultimate Finisher brush while blow-drying, I know they aren't designed for this but I haven't got my hands on the one for blow-drying yet but it is on my wishlist. And this brush is what I use to brush my hair throughout the day. 

I love how lightweight and easy to hold this brush is. I find this brush is best for brushing throughout the day as my hair only gets slightly tangled when dry and without a handle, it could fly out of my hands if my hair was being difficult. The bristles are extremely gentle but effective. When my hair is wet, it is really difficult to brush, especially at the scalp and this brush isn't as effective as The Wet Detangler for my hair as I do have quite a lot of it. One of my favourite things about Tangle Teezers is how soft and smooth they leave the hair and this brush is no different. These brushes are gems and if you haven't tried one, I can't recommend them enough! My hair has been much healthier since I started using them. 



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