EOS Lip Balms

EOS lip balms have been a must have in my make up bag for the past year or so. Ever since I was able to get my hands on them, they have been my favourite lip balms. They are a little bit hard to get hold of in the UK, I know that Selfridges and Topshop sell them but they are so over priced in the UK is puts me off buying them massively when I know I can get them in the States for around £2. 
EOS Lip Balms

This little lip balms come in little spheres, depending on what flavour you pick will depend on what colour they are. I have Summer Fruits (the pink), Vanilla Mint (the blue with white stripes) and Honeysuckle Honeydew (the green). I also have sweet mint which is my all time favourite but I am waiting to use these ones up first before I open it. 

These lip balms 99% natural as well as being gluten, paraben, petrolatum and phthalate free! These glide on clear with a matte finish and last hours on the lips which is one of the reasons why they are my favourite lip balms. They are also enriched with vitamin C and E and Shea butter. These lip balms last me forever no matter how many times a day I apply them so the value for money is incredible, specially if you purchase them from the States. 

Vanilla Mint is my newest one and has become a close favourite with Sweet Mint. It doesn't smell or taste artificial and it is a great balance between the mint and vanilla which are two of my favourite things.  Summer Fruits is another great flavour, it is very similar to the summer fruits juice from Robinson - yum! I can apply this these lip balms at 5 in the morning and they are still there at 11am which no other lip balm I have tried has had that lasting power. Whenever my lips are feeling sore or are dry I always apply this and they feel so much better within a couple of hours! 

These lip balms retail for $3.29 in the States making them a complete bargain, I have my cousin to pick me up a few when he goes out there. However in the UK they retail between £6.50 and £7.50 which is crazy expensive! 

Have you tried EOS lip balms? What did you think of them?



  1. I really want to try these! Loving the new blog layout!

    justalittlegloss.blogspot.co.uk xx

  2. I love the EOS lipbalms, and they are sooo cute!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. I love EOS lipbalms so much. I have the Summer Fruits and Honey Dew ones at the moment but now I really want to try the Vanilla Mint. I bet it smells amazing. So ridiculous about the price difference though x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  4. oh, I really do need to try these. Did I told you I really liked your new design? It's so lovely xx


  5. I love eos lipbalms & always stock up on them when I travel to the States. I love the Summer Fruits & Lemon ones.

  6. I have the mint one and I absolutely adore it! Would love the try more, but the 7 Pounds price tag here makes me not buy any more haha! :) xx

  7. I hadn't tried these before because I'd heard that they didn't really nourish the lips properly. But, after reading your review, I might pick one up and see what it's like. So annoying that they're so much more expensive it the UK!



  8. I LOVE Eos lip balms. I got my first last year in Orlando and I have been in love ever since! I got summer fruits, but now I am onto the mint one. It is so refreshing on my lips :)

  9. Off to NYC in a few weeks, definitely stocking up on these!

    Sharan | essehearts.com


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