REVIEW: Barry M Silk Nail Polish

Barry M nail polishes on my nails seems to be very hit or miss. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I completely hate them. I really don't like the original line but I love the Gelly line. So when I saw these Silk nail polishes I knew I wanted to try a shade to see if I liked them. For Christmas I got the shade Orchid and it really is beautiful.
Barry M Silk Nail Polish in Orchid
Barry M Silk Nail Polish in Orchid Swatch

The silk formula is different to any nail polish formula I have tried, it is matte but has a gorgeous sheen to them. I have the shade orchid which is a pretty purple, in the bottle it looks as if it is glittery but once applied to the nails it just gives the nails a sheen to them while still being matte. This shade is perfect for all year round, as it is still a darker shade it is perfect for the colder months but it is bright enough that you could still wear it in the summer months. 

Application was a bit of a pain, I found it difficult to apply if I tried to do it quite thin and ended up looking a bit patchy. The swatches above is two coats and on the pointer finger you can see it is still a bit patchy so I would definitely recommend three coats. This nail polish had the quickest drying time ever which I was so impressed with! Because it is a matte finish, they do tend to dry much quicker but within five or ten minutes I was able to touch anything without having to worry that I was going to mess up my nails. 

Now for the disappointment it chipped so quickly! When I say quickly I mean within 12 hours which I was gutted about. I didn't use base or top coat which definitely contributed to it chipping so quickly so I don't blame it completely on this nail polish. But the chips started off pretty small but I wasn't so bothered but a couple of hours later two nails had chipped off about half way up the nail! I will try it again with a base coat and hopefully it will last a bit longer on my nails. If you have tried this formula please let me know if it didn't chip as much if you used base coat as I would love to know if I can get it too last longer.

This nail polish retails for £3.99 and is available in stores and online at Boots and Superdrug as well as many other Barry M stockists. 

Have you tried this nail polish? What did you think?



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