Ted Baker Artificial Nails

False nails are one of my favourite things because they are so simple to apply and look amazing on the nails. I am completely rubbish at nail art which is why I love artificial ones so much, there is such a massive range of designs and brands to choose from! Ted Baker know what they are doing when it comes to these gorgeous false nails. 
Ted Baker Artificial Nails
Ted Baker Artificial Nails
I have two beautiful sets, the Nude Oil Painting* and Coral Rose Gold. Both designs are going to be perfect for Spring and Summer with the bright colours and floral designs. Nude Oil Painting is baby pink with a lovely floral design starting at the tip of the nail. Coral Rose Gold is amazing, a bright gorgeous peachy orange with rose gold tips. I love rose gold so much and there are no better nails than having a bit of rose gold on them. If the orange shade isn't your thing, Ted Baker also have these nails with baby pink with the rose gold tips which are called Faked to Perfection

The packaging is so cute and again has that rose gold accent that we all love. I really like the packaging, the nails and glue come in a hard plastic case which is definitely reusable. I have actually kept a couple of sets of false nails in one of the cases, it makes it so much easier if you are travelling to have all of your nails in one place. Inside each of the little cases is a set of nails, in a range of sizes, glue and tool which I believe it to help get the nails on and off (I think so anyway I could be completely wrong). 

The shape of the nails fit perfectly with my own and look a lot more natural than some other brands of artificial nails that I have tried. The nails aren't too long to the point where it makes it difficult to type on the keyboard. These nails are perfect for special occasions or for if you are in a hurry and don't have time to paint for nails and wait for them to dry. I got a good three days wear out of these before the odd one or two started to come off but I just added a bit more glue and re did the applying process and I was good to go! 

These nails retail for £8 each and are available at Boots


*PR Sample


  1. These are both beautiful & so different. I knew Ted Baker has a makeup line but had no idea they did false nails. They look & sound fab

  2. These look so pretty!



  3. All of the Ted Baker nail products are so pretty! I just bought the nails wraps version of the floral ones they are too cute! xo

    Catherine | Pretty Little

  4. I used to love False nails and haven't used them for a while now, but these are so pretty!

    Love your post, keep up the good work.
    Amy xx


  5. I am basically obsessed with ted baker so I am immediately drawn to these haha they are SO pretty especially the floral ones xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  6. They are veryy pretty, and they suit your skin color really well :D
    I am soo tempted to buy some for myself now <3 Thanks for sharing, love!



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