Lush Star Dust Bath Bomb

If you saw my Lush Haul (link here) you will know that the only time I shop at Lush is pretty much only at Christmas. The Star Dust Bath Bomb is a new product to me and I was so excited to pop it in the bath and see what it did as I really didn't know anything about it before purchasing. Lush Star Dust Bath Bomb
Star Dust is a bath bomb so it isn't going to create any bubbles like a Bubble Bar would. The scent has elements of Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, Rosewood Oil and Bergamot Oil. When I picked up this bath bomb I had a feeling it wasn't going to be a boring one as I could see peeks of colour from the inside - I was so excited to see what magic was going to happen in the bath!

Once popped into the bath it started to quickly fizz away and little colourful stars started to appear and float around the bath or a few minutes before sinking to the bottom. After the little star frizzed away it left the bath water a gorgeous light blue colour, like a blue lagoon, with a white milky foam on the top of the bath water. The water left very soft on the skin which I like because with some bath bombs I have tried they can leave my skin feeling dry. For the duration of the bath the water stayed the light blue colour and with the milky foam on the top of the bath. 

The scent was heavenly, a perfect mix of fruit, sweetness and floral. The scent lingered throughout the bathroom and filled the room with fragrance and left the skin with a light scent from the bath bomb. I think Star Dust is going to be massively overlooked in Lush because it does look a little boring but I really enjoyed it and would definitely repurchase it before it's gone after the Christmas period. 

The Lush Star Dust Bath Bomb retails for £2.95 - link.



  1. This sounds lovely, they've discontinued my favourite Lush Christmas product but this sounds like it could be an ideal replacement :)

    Megan x
    London Callings

  2. Oh i really want to try that!
    Jabeen x

  3. I made a Christmas lush order a couple of days ago with this particular bath bomb in it, now I'm even more excited to try it! Love a bit of lush.
    ________ ♡

  4. I agree that the overlooked ones are often really good! I'm a huge fan of butterball because it makes me feel so soft but it looks very boring. Would love to give this one a go <3

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  5. I wish I knew more about this post last week! I went into Lush last Saturday, picked this up and put it back because I thought it was just going to be white. I was so wrong! Gutted xx

    Jasmine ||


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