Staying Motivated & Organised with Blogging

I have been blogging for three years now pretty much every single day and there have definitely been times when I have lost all motivation to sit and write a blog post. At the beginning of this year I found myself blogging for the sake of blogging so I didn't miss a day and I really wasn't putting any effort into my posts. I finally decided that something had to change if I wanted to continue blogging and enjoying it so I made some changes and I couldn't have been happier. Now I can't stop blogging and have never enjoyed it more - I cant get enough. These are the things that I find help me stay organised and motivated with blogging...
Staying Motivated & Organised For Blogging
1. Bloglovin Browsing: When I have bloggers block, I always like to go through my bloglovin feed and catch up on others posts and it usually sparks some inspiration. Obviously I am not going to copy others posts but it always gives me ideas of things I can do on my site. I find my photography isn't up to the standard I would like and I love seeing how others get creative with theirs and it always inspires me to make improvements and changes to mine. Its always good to switch things up if you are stuck in a rut - I found changing my layout helped too.

2. Planning out posts in advance: This is the biggest thing for me to keep on top of my blog. I find that if I don't write things down in a notebook or in my phone I will forget within five minutes. I found a blog organiser online with month overviews which I print off and fill in with my any ideas and I can tick them off as I go. This has made such a difference in how I blog to the point of actually having posts written two weeks in advance. Seeing things written down on paper inspires me to get things done and tick them off - I do love a list! I also write down a list of post ideas as and when they pop in my brain so I always have something to write about. 

3. New In Beauty/Trends: Now this usually ends with me buying lots of new makeup but looking at new beauty products always ends up in me creating a wishlist post! Seeing whats new in the shops usually results in me looking through my collection to see if I have anything similar and then that sparks an idea, like a top five series. Colour correcting is huge right now so everyone is taking their own little spin on it and talking about it in some way. 

4. Looking back at old posts: I like to look at the previous year of blog posts and see if there is anything I could update or feature that I haven't in a while. I will also go back to the month of the year before and see what types of posts I did which usually sparks some inspiration, especially if there are seasonal posts that I can do! 

5. Bulk Taking Photos: I really struggle to write any blog post if I don't have the images for it so taking them in bulk means I have no excuses not to blog. Whenever the lighting is good I take as many photos as I can, I have spend hours taking images so I have them ready for the next week to ten days. 

I have also done two posts full of blogging ideas if you are struggling to think of things to think about:



  1. Great post and great blog!

  2. Bulk taking photos helps me out amazingly - I really don't know what I'd do if I didn't bulk take photos!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  3. I try and bulk take my photos as well, especially if the weather is pretty amazing x

  4. I find a lot of inspiration for ideas comes from scrolling through other people's blogs as well! I don't use Bloglovin yet, I will have to create an account! I usually use Twitter to find new people to follow and take inspiration from! 💗

  5. Great post and amazing advice! Always on top when you are blogging)))

  6. I haven't been on top of my blogging game for a while and I'm so gutted! I miss having the love for my blog, it's definitely down to not having the time and usually hating my photos & layout,I want to work on improving first :) I'm taking this points on board though!

    Sarah xo // See The Stars

  7. I definitely agree with you - blogging is so much better when you're enjoying it! Planning posts in advance really helps me too, I can't live without a list haha xx


  8. Fab post lovely.. I am having a right good catch up on Blog Lovin and am already feeling inspired to blog more! WOW.. everyday for 3 years.. that is insane! Also...I agree with taking bulk photos.. I feel like I always have a topic to talk about when I do! Thanks for the tips girly !!


  9. Taking photo's in bulk is something I always struggle to do, but then I regret it when I've got no photo's to put to planned blog post's haha. Definitely something I need to work on!

    Claire ||

  10. Great tips. I completely agree with you on the Bloglovin front. I found that when I stopped looking through my feed I lost the motviation to carry on with my own blog. I think I need to get one of the calendars like the one in your photo to help me plan out what's going up when - I think that will keep me on track xx

  11. Great tips, definitely going to take some into consideration. Since starting my job I've just put my blog on the back seat and it's been seriously neglected x

    Darling Jordan

  12. The majority of ways you've mentioned is how I also stay motivated! I don't get writers block often, but when I get it, it can be such a pain!

    Isobel x

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  13. I struggle with the exact same thing about photos! It comes so in handy to have a bunch of photos ready to go whenever you need them. Good tips.


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