My Jolie Candle Review

I love candles and jewellery separately so when the two come together I get so excited. My Jolie Candle was founded my two young french men with the main objective of making women smile by proposing an inexpensive but exciting gift. As you burn the candle it reveals a little package with a hidden piece of jewellery inside making this the perfect present for anyone who loves candles in your life.
My Jolie Candle
My Jolie Candle
My Jolie Candle
There are a few different scents to pick from when you order a candle and I decided I wanted to try Red Berries and I love the scent. The candle comes complete in a gorgeous glass tumbler (great for makeup brush storage once you have finished the candle too) with a simple design on the front of the candle. If you are going to be gifting this candle it also comes in a stunning box making wrapping even easier. If Red Berries isn't a scent you would go for they have scents from freshly cut grass and gingerbread to caramel macaron so there is bound to be a scent for you.

This scent is described as delicious fresh berries that you can smell them being picked in the woods and it is definitely that. I don't know if it is just me but I can smell the woods when I smell this candle alongside the scent of the delicious berries. The candle itself has 35 hours of recommended burn time and is made up of vegetable wax and a cotton wick making it 100% natural. It took me a fair few hours to burn the candle to reveal the piece of surprise jewellery which made it so exciting for each burn to see if it was going to be the time that you get to the jewellery! The scent kick off of the candle was good too and did a great job at filling the room with a light fragrance. 

Hidden within every candle is a piece of silver jewellery with Swarovski elements which is protected in a highly resistant foil. If you are super lucky you may even find a piece of gold jewellery with real diamonds worth up to £5,000 - how amazing would that be! I was lucky enough to find a gorgeous simple bracelet within my candle which is the perfect size for my tiny wrist and I love wearing it with my Apple Watch. I would love to get another one of these candles with a ring in next. 

You can find My Jolie Candle - HERE


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