50 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

There is nothing worse than getting bloggers block. I tend to get a big mind blank about what to blog about every couple of months and I keep a notebook full of ideas for these occasions. I thought I would share 50, mainly beauty, blog post ideas so that if you do get bloggers block hopefully this will spark some inspiration and you will be blogging in no time!
50 Beauty Blog Post Ideas
1. Beauty Wishlists 
2. Top New Releases
3. Face/Makeup of the Day
4. Favourite All Time Products 
5. Brand Focuses
6. Top 5 Perfumes/Foundations/Lipsticks etc.
7. Not Worth the Hype Products 
8. Products I Regret Buying
9. Empties
10. Favourite Instagram Accounts 
11. Fashion Wishlist, ASOS etc.
12. Favourite Nail Polishes
13. Whats in my Makeup/Handbag?
14. Monthly Favourites 
15. Beauty Bargains (Sale Finds)
16. Blogs to Follow
17. High Street Must Haves
18. Skincare Routine
19. Must Have Skincare Products
20. Dupes of High end Products
21. Makeup Brush Recommendations
22. Beauty Hacks/Tips and Tricks
23. Recent Purchases/Hauls
24. Shop Your Stash/Forgotten Gems 
25. Makeup Looks/Tutorials
26. Top 5 Under £5
27. Haircare Favourites or Routine 
28. Makeup Collection and Storage 
29. Pamper Products 
30. Running Late Hair & Makeup
31. Individual Product Reviews
32. Blogger Inspired Purchases 
33. Products Worth the Price Tag
34. Seasonal Favourites 
35. Bedside Beauty
36. Giveaways
37. Full Face of Makeup for £20
38. Makeup for Pale Skin tones (or for your skin tone)
39. Tags (there is always a few going around)
40. Body Care Reviews & Recommendations 
41. Hair Tutorials 
42. Everyday Makeup Routine 
43. Beauty Tips for Beginners 
44. Favourite Beauty Brands 
45. How You Edit Your Instagram Photos 
46. Favourite Pieces of Jewellery 
47. Things You Have Learnt Since Blogging
48. Handbag Essentials
49. Top 10 Under £10
50. Beauty Advice to Younger Self



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