Beauty Wishlist #46

I am on a huge makeup kick at the moment, for a while I didn't really find much that excited me but now I have a super long wishlist! A couple of these are because of Olivia Jade on YouTube, I found her videos recently and she is so gorgeous and I need to try some of her favourites. And finally the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection is out in the UK - its about time!! 
Beauty Wishlist #46

A quick note on the L'Oreal Pro Glow Foundation - I have actually already purchased this earlier this week as I found it on eBay so I wanted to include it as I know that a lot of people are looking for this! I didn't think it was too badly priced and I also picked up the Pro Matte (USA version) from the same seller if you are looking for that also. Reviews to follow on these foundations! 

What's on your beauty wishlist?


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