Maybelline Baby Lips Valentine's Day Balms

I can remember when the Baby Lips first came out in America and I went on a hunt to track them down, I remember actually shipping them over from the States as I had wanted them so badly! Fast forward a couple of years and I seemed to not have a single one in my collection so I thought it was time for a restock! Maybelline Baby Lips Valentine's Day Balms
Maybelline Baby Lips Valentine's Day BalmsMaybelline Baby Lips Valentine's Day Balms
Maybelline Baby Lips Valentine's Day Balms
Maybelline has released a few new Baby Lips for Valentine's Day, Peppermint Pink, Fresh Pink and available at Boots is also Candy Kiss. These Baby Lips for Valentine's Day I believe are limited edition and are super cute with festive fitting packaging. I am always in need of lip balms so I always like to try and keep one in my handbag so these will be perfect to keep the lips hydrated. If you are wanting to get a new Baby Lips lip balm, no better time than to get these limited edition versions - I am loving the packaging and little touches.

The two I have both with mint like scents/flavours which are my favourite for lip balms as I love the slight coolness they can give the lips. As these have been released for Valentine's Day, the packaging as been revamped with a cute little lip/kiss print and on the top of the lip balm itself is an embossed heart. Both of these lip balms have pink packaging too. Each of the lip balms is also pink, Peppermint Pink is a lighter pink which applies sheerly to the lips and the Fresh Pink option is more of a brighter pink.

These lip balms are going to help keep the lips hydrated, I usually find lip balms similar to this can actually dry out my lips but I have found these to keep my lips nice and soft. I have found myself using the Peppermint Pink option more often and I love the sheer light lip colour it adds to the lips. These last for a good few hours on the lips before reapplication is needed, I really like that these don't' disappear too quickly. This lip balm is also great to wear under matte lipsticks to prevent the lips drying out. The Maybelline Baby Lips are a great affordable lip balm option and I am glad to have two back in my collection again. 

The Maybelline Baby Lips Valentine's Day limited editions are available from Superdrug for £2.99 each - HERE.



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