Beauty Wishlist #2

Once again, i have been browsing the internet for beauty products! I have found more than i normally do which i want to get my mits on! I have actually done another cheeky purchase on eBay and im super excited about it arriving.. that excited i actually purchased my mum one! As soon as it arrives i will do a post on it so keep an eye out for that! Hopefully Thursday *fingers crossed!*

Onto the wishlist, all links for each of the products is below along with prices!..

Beauty Wishlist #2

1. Bioderma £4.50 - £9.99; having heard everyone and their mother talk about this product, i really want to try it having heard nothing but great things! I have been having a few little problems with my skin so maybe this would help!
2. Maybelline Color Show Polka Dot Nail Polishes £2.99 each; i am obsessed with these type of nail polishes at the moment and at £2.99 each i might just have to buy them all, just maybe! I just love the effect they give!
3. St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan £9.45; its safe to say, i am a ghost! And as of late i have been really wanting a slight tan and i think this would do the job! I have had a few fake tan fails in my time. I will share one, when i was about 14, i forgot to take one of my rings off and ended up with a line the whole way down my leg and didn't notice until i was in outdoor PE. Opps.
4. Stylfile Nail File £2.99; this nail file really interests me for some reason. I must order it soon and give it a go. I have heard good things about this!
5. Katy Perry Eylure Individual Colour Pop Eyelashes £6.45; i really like individual eyelashes and Katy Perry is like my dream woman, she is just perfection. I haven't worn eye lashes in years and i love the sound of these!
6. Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara £7.99; Maybelline mascaras are my all time favourite, they never fail me!  This is one of the only Maybelline mascara's i haven't tried yet so it makes sense to give it a go!
7. Real Techniques Core Collection £16.58; I have been reading so many reviews on this kit lately and it has made me really want to purchase it! I already own a few real techniques brushes and i think its only right i purchase this kit!
8. Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint £21; I love Liz Earle, cannot get enough of the brand if im honest and i think this is the next product i want to try having heard such great things about this product!
9. Essie Nail Polish in Mezmerized £7.99; This is the most beautiful colour ever. Its exactly what i have been looking for! If anyone knows a website where i can get this a little cheaper i would be greatful!

Are any of these things on your beauty wishlist? Whats on your wishlist?

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