Halloween Nail Inspiration!

Happy Friday!

The closer to the holiday season gets, the more time i spend on Pinterest. Its so addictive, i could spend hours on the app and never realise its been longer than five minutes! With it being less than two weeks until Halloween, i have been searching for some inspiration for what to do with my nails and i have found so many ideas of what to do with my nails from Pinterest so i had to share the amazingness of nail art for Halloween that i found!

Halloween Nail Inspiration!
None of these images are my own, all taken from Pinterest.

Some of the nail art in the pictures i would have no hope in doing on myself as i am a beginner in nail art but it is amazing what some people can do! I am in love with the first one on the second row, i love how it is still really girly nail art but the detail on the ring finger makes it perfect for Halloween and it would easy enough for me to do! I already have a lot of the colours used in these nail designs so i might have to try some of these out and see if i can actually do them before Halloween!

Looking at these different nail art designs has made me even more excited for Halloween!

What designs are your favourite? Would you try any of these for Halloween?



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