Rainy Day OOTD

With it being Autumn in England, that means one thing.. rain is here. I popped out earlier today and got completely soaked with the unexpected rain and thought i would share my perfect rainy day ootd. Note to self, always carry an umbrella!

PS. don't forget to change your clocks tonight if your in the UK! 
Now onto the outfit..

Rainy Day OOTD

1. River Island Grey Jumper £25; i love this jumper, its perfect for this time of year when its a little cold but you don't want too many layers on! 

2. Vero Moda Margo 3/4 Jacket (Coat) £76.75; i brought this coat as soon as it started to get cold and i am in love with it! It has a PU Collar aswell as PU quilted sleeves. It goes with everything because of the length. 
3. River Island Cross Body Bag £18; i really like this bag, it would be great for me because i hate having to carry a bag around when its cold because i like to keep my hands in my pockets!  
4. ASOS Supersoft Skinny Jeans £14; i love darker jeans for this time of year, i feel like they go better with the season!
5. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Nail Polish £8.80; This colour is perfect for me and this time of year, i love almost black colours and this is the perfect colour!
6. Ted Baker Fesa Boots £75; i got these in the summer for £40 in the sale and i have worn them almost everyday since it has gotten cold, they are super comfortable and my feet don't get wet at all when it rains! I just saw that they do them in dark red now and im very tempted to purchase! 

Whats your perfect rainy day ootd?!



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