Candy Mountain Review

If you love sweet scents and the best bubble baths, this product is for you! Candy Mountain from Lush is a bubble bar, which means as well as smelling amazing, it creates bubbles. To activate the bubbles you crumble the bubble bar under running water. 

The Candy Mountain bubble bar is a limited edition product from Lush and is only available at Christmas, i really wish they made this all year around because this is my favourite Lush scent (the same as Snow Fairy) and bubble bars are my favourite Lush product so this is like the most amazing thing for me so im quite sad it is only available for a few months a year!

Candy Mountain Review

This product is described as (taken from the Lush website)..

''The fair trade vanilla absolute, sparkling snowflake lustre and creamy cornflour in Candy Mountain make bath time a sweet treat for big kids as well as little kids. We’ve included some of our bubble crumble mix which adds a magical pink mist to the peaks of foaming bubbles.''

I have to agree with that statement, it really is like a sweet treat for me! The bubbles make the bath! The bubbles that the bubble bar creates are like no other, they are thick and full of the scent, i do find myself smelling the bubbles while im in the bath! I was in the bath for a good 45 minutes and the bubbles lasted the whole time, yes they went down a little bit but the water was still covered with a thin layer of bubbles and you could still smell the scent as the water was being let out of the bath! With me only using a third you would think that it wouldn't create as many bubbles but look how many a third made! I can't imagine how many the whole thing would make!

Candy Mountain Review

Candy Mountain Review

The only difference i find from using a smaller amount in the bath each time is that you don't get as much of the pink water colour which isn't a problem for me because i mainly use it for the bubbles and the yummy scent!

Candy Mountain Review
The light pink water

This bubble bar is a pretty good size and could be used for a single bath, however i like to split it into three but cutting it into equal sections which i find is more than enough for a single bath and also means that your money goes further! This bubble bar is priced at £2.65 which makes each bath (if you split into three like i have done) cost about 88p, kind of a bargain if you ask me!

Would i repurchase? 100% yes, im kind of kicking myself i didn't pick a couple up when i brought this one! I will properly repurchase this a few more times before it disappears for another year *booooo*

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts on it?



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