Current Favourite Nail Polishes

Painting my nails is one of my favourite parts of the week, i love going through my collection and picking out the new polishes i have got and trying to decide which colour to paint my nails and rediscovering old favourites. I thought i would share my current top five nail polishes, i have been gravitating towards these colours lately every time i paint my nails and its becoming easier to pick a colour to paint my nails each time because i always pick one of these five colours!

Top Five Nail Polishes
L-R: OPI Big Apple Read, Barry M Matte Vanilla, Rimmel Space Dust Aurora, Barry M Matte Crush & OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

My first favourite is OPI Big Apple Red. I got this in a set on very before Christmas and im pretty sure they might have priced it wrong because i got five full size polishes for £19.. Not going to say no that mistake! This shade is the perfect red. I wore this over Christmas layered with some glitter and it was perfect for the festive season! Red polishes are one of my go to's if i don't know what colour to paint my nails and this is the ultimate one. If your in a rush, one coat looks completely fine which i like because sometimes im too lazy to do two coats!

Another OPI favourite is Lincoln Park After Dark. Ive had this on my nails so many times so far this winter and i love it. It looks black from a far but up close its actually a dark purple, two colours in one! Again with this polish you only really need one coat if you don't apply it to thin!

My next favourite is from Barry M's Matte Range and is the polish in the shade Crush. Im all for dark and berry shades in the winter time and i love the matte effect so this is perfect for me! I love that this is a matte polish without having to apply a matte top coat to get the effect, i hate the matte top coat i have so this is perfect! 

Another Barry M Matte favourite is in the shade Vanilla. Sometimes when im not feeling a dark or berry colour i like to go for a light colour, i try to stay away from pure white in winter and i love this! Its a purpley grey and with the matte finish it looks stunning on the nails! With all matte polishes the drying time is so much quicker which is an added bonus! 

My final favourite is the Rimmel Space Dust Polish in Aurora. This polish has a little bit of a textured effect which i like because i don't always want a glossy or matte finish to my nails. This polish is the most gorgeous pink with different size glitters in it! Very girly!

L-R: OPI Big Apple Read, Barry M Matte Vanilla, Rimmel Space Dust Aurora, Barry M Matte Crush & OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

Whats your current favourite nail polishes!?



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