Teeez Desert Metals Mascara Review

When i signed up for the You Beauty Discovery Box, I knew instantly what I wanted to try! I am a mascara junkie, I don't ever have enough mascaras and I just love trying them out so when i saw this on the February short-list I was pretty excited for it to arrive. I have never heard of the Teeez brand, i'm pretty sure it is Dutch from what I have read online. 

When the box arrived, if you want to see what else I got this month you can check that out here, I thought I was going to hate this mascara from looking at the brush, I love plastic wands and anything else just doesn't seem to work for my lashes but I think this mascara has changed that!

Teeez Desert Metals Mascara Review

The first thing I love about this product is the packaging, its so different than the standard colour tubes so it really stands out against all other mascaras! It also came in a box with the same design on the front. The mascara is in the shade Midnight Sky which is a Black, it is quite an intensive black which I like because it really shows up on the lashes. 

As you can see from the picture above, the brush is a bigger at one end and gets smaller towards the end which is so handy! I find it difficult to get some of my lashes to coat with mascara because some wands are to big to pick up the shorter lashes but with the small end I am able to coat them the same as the lashes in the middle of my eye!

My lashes with two coats of mascara.

As you can see, my lashes are pretty long which is down to this mascara. Even once the mascara has dried on your lashes if you feel it needs a touch up later in the day you can just apply another thin coat over the top and it just intensifies the blackness of the lashes without making them look clumpy and adds a little further length!

The mascara doesn't feel heavy on my lashes or transfer onto my skin through out the day, there is nothing worse than that heavy lashes feeling! I would recommend this mascara if you are in the market for a new one as this mascara claims to be smudge proof and long lasting which I agree with but I don't actually know of any UK stockists which is a bit of bummer because I would properly repurchase this.

If you want to pick it up however, you can do so through the You Beauty Discovery Box system, you can pick this mascara and another product from the short list as well as receiving two preselected samples for £6.95 including P&P throughout the month of February. 

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