Valentine's Day Nail Inspiration

 Although i may hate Valentine's Day, like many other single ladies, one thing i do love about it is the cuteness of nails and some of the clothes you can get! I love the colours and all the chocolate just not the day itself. Through many hours of scrolling through pinterest i have found some of the most beautiful nail art for Valentines Day, none of these are my own, i'm not very good at doing nail art but i wish i was good at it! I love doing my nails all festive whenever there is a holiday at any time of the year and i think i will attempt one or two of these designs this year, wish me luck! Here are some of my favourite nail art designs for this year...

Valentines Day Nails

I love the love heart sweet themed one (second row, first one), i think i would only be able to do the hearts, messy ones at that and not the writing sadly!

Valentines Day Nails

I think my favourite out of these three would have to be the middle one, it simpler than the others yet still cute and i could get wear them even after Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day Nails

This one stands out to me, i have no idea why because its only a little heart but i think its so cute! I think i might actually do this on my nails today!

All of the nail designs featured in this post aren't my own but if you would like to check them out in more detail, they are all available here in a board on Pinterest.

What one is your favourite?



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