Beauty Wishlist #5

There are so many beauty products that I *need* to get my hands on which is why I have yet another beauty wishlist! Some things are new releases and some are items that I have been hearing such great things about lately so I just need to try them out, for the blog of course ;)! I haven't really been buying any make up lately so some of these items may end up getting purchased very, very soon!

1. Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks £2.99; I have been waiting for these to release for what feels like forever. I love that you can create your own little palettes and pick which shades you like the best and at £2.99 each you can't really go wrong!

2. Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nail Polish Strips (Spring Fever) £1.99; I love these nail strips they really do last forever without chipping. This design is beautiful and I think it will be perfect for summer and festival season so I might have to order a few of these!

3. Benefit Stay Don't Stray £20.50; I have a little sample size of this and I am in love with it. It really does make your eye shadow last all day without creasing or fading, cannot say a bad word about this product!

4. Benefit Gimme Brow £17.50; I have been having many bad brow days lately and I think it is down to the products that I have been using so I think its time that I just make myself purchase this so I don't have anymore bad brow days.

5. Bourjois CC Cream £9.99; I have been loving CC Creams lately so it's making me want to try even more so see how they compare and I have heard great things about this one!

6. Real Techniques Blush Brush £7.99; I already have one of these brushes already and I really love it for bronzer so I want to get another one for blush so the colours don't get all mixed up and I end up looking a muddy mess.

Whats on your wishlist?

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