Forever 21 Wishlist

Ever since I went into the Forever 21 in Westfield Stratford a couple of weeks ago, I have found myself browsing their website quite a bit. I find their stores to be quite overwhelming because they are so massive and have so much stock so its defiantly a calmer experience for me to browse online. I love so much from Forever 21 and have done for years and lately they are just killing it with how much great stuff they have, I just want everything which isn't good for my bank balance. Here is what is I am currently lusting over...

1. I Don't Have Time To Care! Tank £9.50; I think this is so funny, I would defiantly wear this one days when I'm in a bad mood and don't want anything to bother me and I think this top would give across that message!

2. Blogger PJ Set £10.65; I am in love with these, the top says 'Be nice...or you'll end up on my blog' which just makes me laugh as I am a blogger and it's kind of true! The shorts have little sayings on them like tweet me and email me which is quite cute.

3. Marvel Racerback Tank £10.50; I am one of the biggest Marvel fans, especially of the Avengers and there isn't really anything girly to do with marvel that I have found apart from this and I love it! It has complete drop sides so I would defiantly need to wear a crop top or something underneath it.

4. Neon Yellow Lace Crop Top £4; I need this top in every colour but I have no intention of wearing it as a top on its own, I love to wear these under tank tops with drop sides in the summer so I don't get so hot and for £4 each I can justify getting a few colours.

5. Lilac Bodycon Dress £4.75; I need a lose a little bit of weight before I wear this but I am in love with it and for under £5 it is a complete bargain, they have this is so many different colours too so I might need some of the others too.

6. Day Dreamer Hair Brush £2.50; I don't really need a new hair brush but this one is beautiful and for £2.50 I can justify purchasing it just because its pretty.

7. Fast Food Socks £1.50; Forever 21 socks are possibly my favourite things ever.. who wouldn't want socks with food on!?

8. French Monument Pendant Necklace £2.40; I have a couple of long necklaces from F21 and I do really love them and this one is just too cute to leave and for £2.40 its such a bargain!

9. Panda Socks £1.50; Like I just said.. I love F21 socks and Panda's are my favourite things in the world so F21 socks with pandas on is like a match made in heaven!

What's on your Forever 21 wishlist?

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