Katy Perry Collection for Claires

Katy Perry is my favourite person on the planet. I have loved her since 2008 just before she went massive with I Kissed A Girl. I just generally love everything about her, her hair, her music, her fashion and beauty looks, basically everything (I'm trying my best to not fan girl here) so when I heard she had a collection coming out at Claires I got super excited. I haven't actually shopped at Claires since I was younger but by the looks of this collection, I will defiantly be making a few purchases! What makes me even more excited for this collection is that it is getting released a couple of weeks before I am off to The o2 with my little sister to see her live so I will have to make a little purchase of some bits to wear when I go to see her perform. 

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the upcoming collection...

Katy Perry Collection for Claires
Excuse the crappy backgrounds that look messy.

Rhinestone Ear Car Sunglasses £12 // Roar Stacking Rings £8 // Double PRISM Stud Earrings £5 // Tiger Front & Back Earrings £6 // Double PRISM Pendant Necklace £8 // ROAR Headband £6

I think my favourites out of the collection have to be the tiger earrings, double PRISM earrings and the double prism pendant necklace. I think they are priced pretty well and its very accessible for most girls to go and pick up a couple of bits!

From what I have read online, the collection will be getting released online on the 2nd of May and in stores on the 14/15th of May! You can sign up for an email on the claires website to be notified when the collection drops. You can view the rest of the collection here

Will you be picking up anything from this collection?

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