Review: EOS Shave Cream

EOS is one of those brands that is a bit difficult to get hold of in the UK so when I did my swap with Rosina, I knew I had to try some EOS products and she mentioned that she loved this so I knew I had to give it a go. EOS products can be pretty expensive when you can get hold of them in England, I know on eBay is exact product goes for £7.99 when in the states it is $3.99! I wish I lived in the States! 

This product is so different to any other shave cream I have tried, a lot of the ones I have tried are gel/foam which always dry out my skin and put me off using them all together but this one is so moisturising which is reason number one why I love it. Whenever I use this I notice that my legs are super soft for a couple of days afterwards even though this shave cream only claims to moisturise for 24 hours, it definitely does better than that which I think is down to the formula, because it feels as if you are applying a body butter instead of a foam which makes shaving so much easier and quicker.

The scent is incredible. This one is in Pomegranate Raspberry and it smells good enough to eat, obviously I wont be eating it though! The scent does slightly linger on the skin but its not like you walk around sniffing your legs, that would be a bit awkward! 

Whenever I have used this I have noticed that my legs stay smoother for longer and I don't need a shave my legs as much, perfect as I am super lazy! I will be very sad the day this runs out and will properly end up purchasing it for a stupid price at £7.99!

Have you tried this? What did you think?

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