Summery Scents

In the warmer months I tend to not wear perfume. I sometimes don't want a really heavy scent and because its warmer, I tend to get a bit sticky and want a freshen up during the day which is where these sprays come in. I have been buying these for about two years now and they are the Victoria's Secret Fragrances Mists, before I was using these I was a big Hollister Spray lover. Every time I have been to VS there is always a deal on, currently I believe it to be 5 for £30 across the whole body care line so go get you some!

Victorias Secret Body Sprays
Pure Seduction Bloom and Love Spell Bloom I believe to be the newest releases to the body care line at VS in the UK and I think they might be my favourites so far. According to the VS website, as I am rubbish at describing scents, Pure Seduction Bloom is a flirty blend of violet blossom and red currant. Whatever it is, I love it! If you loved the original Love Spell, you love Love Spell Bloom even more. It is defiantly a lighter scent compared to the original Love Spell but there is something in it that makes it feel delicious! Go give it a sniff while you can because I believe both of these Bloom scents are limited edition!

Mango Temptation as you can imagine from the name, smells like mangos and has a hint of hibiscus. I really do like this one, I tend to put this one when I get out of the shower and my skin smells lush all day long. My mum loves this too as I keep finding it in her room.. naughty mum stealing ma stuff! The last summery one I have is Passion Struck and I think it is my current favourite. It is described as fiji apple and vanilla orchid and it just smells so yummy! 

All of the VS sprays I have tried have been super long lasting and have such good scent pay off. I have sprayed them on jackets before and days later you can still smell it which is amazing! These retail for £11 each but currently on offer for 3 for £24 or 5 for £30. 

Have you tried this before? Which one is your favourite?

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