Clothing & Accessories Wishlist

With pay day getting closer and closer, I have begun browsing the web for things, I don't actually need..but I want them! Isn't everybody like that? I'm going to see Katy Perry at the end of the month and need an outfit for that which is what has inspired this wishlist. Whilst looking for clothes, I found some really lovely accessories and jewellery that I have fallen in love with. 

1. New Look Palm Tree Dress £17.99; I love the print of style of this dress, I think it would be perfect for Summer time. The colours are really pretty too.

2. White Converse with gold accents £50; Have fallen slightly in love with these, I love my orginal white converse but I thought these would be lovely for the Summer with shorts. Sadly they aren't in stock for 9 weeks but as soon as they are they will be mine. 

3. New Look Skater Dress with Multi Strap Detail £9; This is the dress I am thinking of getting to wear to Katy Perry but I am unsure of what shoes to go with it, any suggestions?

4. Katy Perry Collection Leopard Sunglasses £12; I really like these sunglasses and I can't actually find the ones I loved last year so it is time to get a new pair and I defiantly think these ones are going to be a future purchase. 

5. Club L Skater Dress £27.30; I already have a dress from this brand and I am in love with it. It is the nicest fit and the designs are lovely. Even better this dress is currently on sale so it would be rude not to purchase it!

6. Jessica Simpson Cut Out Sandals £50; I love these and they are actually my favourite style of sandal. I wore my favourite pair into the ground last year so I need to buy a new pair before the weather gets super nice. These ones are a little on the expensive side but hopefully they will be nice quality and last for a while.

7. Motel Flux Bikini £39; I love the style of this bikini and the pattern and colours work amazing together. I love the cut out detail on the top too. 

8. Ted Baker Button Stud Earrings £25; I have loved the style of these earrings for a while now and now they have them in rose gold, I just have to have them!

9. Kardashian Kollection Evil Eye Ear Cuff £15; I quite like all of the Kardashian Kollection stuff but some of it just isn't suitable for everyday. But these piece I think I would get a lot of wear out of and I have actually been looking something like this for a while now so its perfect.

10. Pull & Bear Panda Coin Purse £3.99; I just love pandas. 

What's on your current wishlist?

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