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Everyone on twitter has been raving about the app called depop, so I thought I would download it and see what all the fuss is about and I fell in love. Depop is an app which is laid out like Instagram but with depop you actually buy and sell items! It is like the Instagram version of eBay. So as soon as I downloaded the app, I started searching for beauty items, mainly Nars as I had been wanting to try the brand for a little over a year now but I can't justify the prices.. until I found these beauties. 

Nars Eyeshadow Duos

Nars Eyeshadow Duos

These eyeshadow duo's retail for £25 each and I managed to get them for £7 each, I couldn't say no to that price! I got the shades South Pacific (The blue one) and Mediteranee (The orange one). I have the orange one on today and I am actually in love with it, I put the lighter shade all over the lid and used the orange shade just underneath my water line for a pop of colour. I can honestly say these are the softest eye shadows I have ever used and I think these duos have just started my Nars addiction.

Nars Eyeshadow Duos
Two on the left are South Pacific and the two on the right are Mediteranee.

The seller on Depop was the nicest girl, she actually gave me her number in case I had any questions and got them sent out to me really quickly and they arrived the next day! I will defiantly be making a few more purchases on depop soon!

Have you brought anything on depop?!

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