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Fabric hair bands have been my favourite thing for a while now. I have such long hair so in the night time and during hot days I almost always have to have it tied up which can be a pain when you take it out and your left with a massive kink across your hair so there is no way you can wear it down but these hair bands have been my saviour. I have tried so many different high street versions of these, especially H&M and Primark and although they did the job to an average standard they didn't last very long, these ones from No Bump Bobble* are the best ones I have tried. 

No Bump Bobbles
These bands truly are amazing. They are designed to not snag, pull or leave behind that nasty kink/bump if your hair that you get with the standard elastics and they really do live up to those claims. I tie my hair up with one of these right before I go to sleep and remove in the morning and it is as if I never even tied my hair up, with normal bands I would have to spend most of my morning trying to remove the kink from my hair but not with these. With a lot of hair bands when I tie my hair up they actually give me a headache because its so tight but with these I didn't have that problem but my hair was very secure and didn't fall out of the pony that I had it in.

With the H&M and Primark versions that I have tried, the bands very stretched out after a use or two and were almost unusable after that but I didn't have that problem with these as the No-Bump Bobble's are made of a lovely high quality fabric so they will last for a while so you defiantly get your monies worth!

No Bump Bobbles

The bands arrived in the most lovely packaging which I wasn't expecting! They were all inside a little pink tag with a little thank you note, such a lovely touch!

No Bump Bobble have so many different patterns and designs to choose from, personally I had for ages going through them all to narrow down which ones I wanted, I think my favourites are the grey with white polka dots and the zebra print!

If you want to get your hands on these bands there is currently a deal on where you can chose any five bobbles (excluding glitter) for £3! Defiantly worth ordering come with the hot weather we currently have in England!

I cannot recommend these enough, these are defiantly the best ones I have tried and will defiantly be ordering some more soon! If you want to get your hands on these bands you can check out their website here

Have you tried these? What did you think?

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