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Since payday, I have picked up a couple of random beauty bits so I thought I would throw them all together in one post even though they are all a bit random. This haul defiantly shows that I am an impulse buyer as all but one thing wasn't actually needed but I just love a bargain! Here's what I have picked up over the past week... 

Beauty Haul 2014

The first thing I picked up I actually needed which is the Head & Shoulders Shampoo. I am in the process of growing out/trying to fade my hair colour as I have been dying it dark for years and I want to go lighter for the summer. I was told by quite a few people that this shampoo will fade your hair colour and it defiantly has, my hair is no longer black and its slowly getting lighter!

When I popped into Primark with my Mum, I took a stroll over to the beauty section and saw all of the fake nails and decided to finally give them a try after hearing good things. I am planning on wearing the multicoloured ones for when I see Katy Perry! The chevron ones are amazing, cannot wait to stick those babies on! 

Another Katy Perry related purchase is fake eyelashes, I picked these up from eBay for £2.99! These are from the Katy Perry Colour Collection and they are the individual ones. They are purple, green and blue which I love and can't wait to have a play with before I go to her concert! 

And finally, the most exciting of all, I got another Nars Eyeshadow Duo from depop. If you saw my post the other day you would know that I picked up two already and said I knew I would end up with more and I did. This one is in Sugarland and is defiantly my favourite from the ones I already have! I managed to pick this one up for £5!! The girl was lovely and actually lived up the road which made us laugh so she just refunded me the postage and dropped it round! 

What have you picked up recently?

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