Review: Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipglosses

When I placed my Makeup Revolution order, I sat for at least an hour looking at all the different lip products and decided I had to try the 'Amazing Lipglosses'. I normally hate lip glosses because I hate the stickyness and the general feel of lip gloss but these are completely different. These were only £1 each so even if I hated them money wouldn't be wasted too much but that is not the case and here is why I love them...

I picked up the shades 'Natural Pink' and 'Nude Shimmer' out of all of the lip glosses from Makeup Revolution. I thought these would be the ones I would use the most and I defiantly will. I wasn't expecting them to have too much pigmentation for only being £1 each but they defiantly swatch really nicely. Natural Pink defiantly has more colour pay off and I always wear this on its own when I want a natural look. Nude Shimmer is perfect for laying over the top of lipsticks and stains if you want an extra glossy look and a slight amount of shimmer.

Left: Natural Pink || Right: Nude Shimmer

They stay on the lips for a couple of hours without fading when I haven't eaten but when I have eaten I needed to reapply after but that it was I expected from these glosses anyway. These have a really nice smell to them but once applied on the lips you can't smell it so if scents bother you, these will be fine! 

I really do love these and they are perfect for leaving in my handbag as they go with any look. I would defiantly recommend trying these lip glosses if you haven't already, especially Natural Pink, that one is my favourite out of the two! I will defiantly be ordering some other shades soon.  
Have you tried these? What did you think?

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