Review: Primark Fashion Nails

Having seen these nails appear across a couple of blogs and featured in some YouTube videos, I thought it was finally time to give these Primark Fashion Nails a try. These nails coat £1 a pack and Primark has so many different designs as well as plain colours and French manicures. I went for the white with blue chevrons on as I suck at nail art and have always wanted to do this design. For £1 I didn't really have high expectations of these and thought maybe they would last a day or less but I was wrong...

Primark Fashion Nails

Application was really easy, I would just recommend making sure you really coat each nail with the glue that's included as the first two nails that I put on actually fell off the next morning but that was defiantly my fault as I didn't use enough glue at the beginning. Even though I almost stuck together most of my hand, I got the nails on pretty quickly. Once I applied the glue to the nail I pressed on the nail and held down for a couple of seconds before coming on to the next nail.

Primark Fashion Nails

The shape of the nails is amazing, they are curved at the top so they fit perfectly into the nail bed which makes them look a lot less fake. The length is lovely too, not too long but long enough to make a difference. These nails aren't too hard either so you can defiantly get them to mould to your actual nails so it makes them look a little more natural.

I have had these nails on for four days now and haven't been careful with them, I've been bowling and cleaned my bunny rabbit out daily and they are still all there apart from the two that fell off but I just re-glued them and they haven't fallen off since! The design is still in great condition and hasn't faded or chipped either. I still don't see any sign of them falling off but after four days if they fell off now, I am still impressed!

Primark Fashion Nails
Up-close of the design

I would defiantly recommend these nails and for £1 you can't really go wrong! I will defiantly be heading back to Primark soon and picking up a few more pairs!

Have you tried these? What did you think?

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