Mini Avon Haul

I am not normally one for buying things from Avon as I prefer a Boots shop but when I was given a brochure and had a little flick through I actually found some things I wanted to try out. I was quite happy with all of the prices of things (although I can't remember how much each thing was). For all four items that I purchased it cost £11 and I'm pretty sure that everything I picked up was on a offer. Here is what I picked up... 

Avon Haul
The first thing I picked up was a Tinted Lip Conditioner in Pink. I quite like this so far but I do think it makes me look like I am an alien (in a good way). The packaging is really quite boring on this and I thought it would be a little bit better but once you take off the outer wrapping it is just completely plain white.

I picked up a mascara from Color Trend Magic Lift Mascara. I picked this because it was under £3 and had a plastic applicator which are my favourite. I can't resist trying mascaras so I will defiantly report back on what I think of this one. I quite like the packaging on this, it is a black tube with a white lid which is different to any of the other mascaras that I have.

I saw this face mask and thought I would give it a try as I am having a few problems with my skin at the moment. This is the Clear Skin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask. I mainly wanted to try this out because it was black and caught my attention. Will defiantly report back on this if it helps clear out my skin!

And finally I got the Skin So Soft Bath Oil. I thought this would be great for this time of year as my skin gets quite dry and I am too lazy to sit and wait for products to sink into my skin. Hopefully this will do the job without me actually having to do anything (lazy, I know!). 

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?

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