NEW IN: Nails inc Polishes

Nails inc polishes are one of my favourites so when I saw that they were this months very treat, it made me want to make an order even more. My lovely mum also made an order and gave me the polish she got so I ended up, luckily with both of the shades available. I got the shades Haymarket and Devonshire Row. Both shades are absolutely stunning and have become my new favourites.

Nails inc Polishes
Haymarket is the perfect mint green. I thought it wasn't going to be as lovely as it is but I am so impressed with it. This polish is really opaque so depending on how thick you apply each coat, you could easily get away with one coat. I applied two thin coats and it looked perfect.

Devonshire Row is a really lovely purple. Again it is a really nice shade which I wasn't expecting to like as much as I do. Both shades work really well together as well so I did an accent nail with Haymarket and it looked stunning (in my opinion). This shade was pretty opaque so I only needed one generous coat for full coverage across my nails. 

Nails inc Polishes

Like all nails inc polishes, they last quite a decent amount of time without chipping and are defiantly worth the money. Nails inc polishes retail for £11 each but they are often on offer! Haymarket is defiantly my favourite out of the two and I would defiantly recommend picking that one up if you could only pick one. 

Have you tried these shades?

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