Summer Essentials

During the summer, I go into a bit of a panic mode. I am forever getting sun burnt, bitten and a little too hot. These products/items are my summer essentials, there hasn't been a day yet when I haven't used at least half of these things! I'm sure the summer hates me, bring on the Winter! Most of these products are quite inexpensive they are very easily accessible and when it comes to repurchasing it isn't going to break the bank.  

Summer Essentials
I am really bad at making sure I drink enough water, especially during the hot months which as a result I have passed out before - not good! I find having a nice bottle actually makes me drink more. I picked up with Brita Fill & Go one from The Range for just under £10 and I haven't stopped using it since. It also filters your water which is a bonus. Sunglasses are a must. My eyes are really sensitive to light so almost always when I am outside in the Summer I need some good sunglasses. I have been loving these My Little Pony ones from Primark (they were £4 if you are interested).

I only have one hair essential in the Summer which is dry shampoo. Some days I just can't be bothered to wash my hair for it to just end up in a bun by lunch time or its just too hot to blow dry! I have been loving the Bastiste one at the moment. I only really like the tropical scent, I think the others are just a little too floral for me! 

I am very light skinned so whenever I come in from being out side. I am burnt quite a lot. I try and use SPF as much as I can but when I am just walking to work I always forget to apply it. The Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel has been amazing lately. It really cools down the burning and sting and takes away the redness within a day or two. I got this for £2 on offer in Tesco so I will have to go and get a another bottle or two while they are at that price! Along with the burning, having sun burnt lips is the worst. I found this Hawaiian Tropic SPF 45 Lip Balm on eBay and have been using frequently since it arrived. It smells really good and does the job! 

During those super hot days, I need a quick pick me up. I have been keeping my La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water in the fridge. This has been great for cooling me down after a afternoon out enjoying the weather. I normally spray this all over my face and a little on my chest and arms if I am extra hot. 

My final essential is my most important one. I get bitten so much during the Summer and have really bad reactions to them. I got bitten a couple of weeks ago at the top of my leg and it has completely bruised which is so painful and itchy. Not to mention it has actually make it hard to walk (Yay, thanks bugs). The Jungle Formula Bite & Sting Relief Spray has been a life saver. I have just over 20 bites on my legs and this has really helped stop them itching! 

What are your summer essentials?

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