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You Beauty Discovery Box August 2014

It's that time of the month again...You Beauty Discovery Box time! I love making my picks every month, normally staying up until midnight just so I can get first picks. Although this month it didn't seem to matter what I picked as the people at You Beauty Discovery decided to send me completely wrong items. A few emails later and it is all sorted and the items I picked are on my way. I have had this happen before and it took weeks to get my items and I am too inpatient to wait until then to publish this post! Lets see what I got this month.. 

You Beauty Discovery Box August 2014
This month there is four preselected items/samples! Normally there is only two so that is a massive bonus! We have Jimmy Choo perfume samples for her and him (hey dad, your getting a present), a Face D 3-Luronics Sample and a four way nail buffer. I love those nail buffers so I am most excited to start using that! I don't really like that you get male samples but I completely understand why they do it.

You Beauty Discovery Box August 2014
And here the products I received from the short list. First up we have a Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in a gold shade. Not a massive fan of this and that is why I personally didn't choose it, this probably won;t get used unfortunately. Lastly we have the Louise Galvin Hair Mask. I will use this but it wasn't again one of my choices. I had chosen the Peggy Sage Nude Collection Nail Polish and the Daniel Sandler Eyeliner, so hopefully they will be here soon! 

You Beauty Discovery Box August 2014
Although I didn't actually get what I picked, it still is a pretty good box, thanks to the lovely people at You Beauty Discovery for getting me sent out the correct items, hopefully they will arrive soon. As always this box retails for £6.95 with postage included.

Did you get this box? What did you choose?

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