Montagne Jeunesse Nut Oil Masque

My skin has been a massive pain of late. I'm not sure if its the change in the weather or if I am having a reaction to one of my skincare products but my skin has left dehydrated mainly around my eyes. I was asked if I wanted to review a Montagne Jeunesses face mask and I jumped at the chance to get try and get my skin back on track with one of their masks. This is the Nut Oil Masque*, it claims to deeply nourish your skin and leave it glowing.  

Montagne Jeunesse Nut Oil Masque
Before you apply it you have to make sure you have cleansed your face. Applying it was easy, my little sister actually did it for me, it goes on like any clay mask would. You leave this mask on for 15 to 20 minutes before washing away. My first impressions of this mask was the scent, definitely smells like nuts which I didn't really mind but my sister didn't like it. It is a green colour so I looked like an alien while I had it on.

I loved this mask. Because it is a hydrating mask, I didn't expected it to dry like a clay mask would and left my skin feeling tight but in a good way! Because it dried I thought it wouldn't be as nourishing but I was completely wrong. When it came to washing it off and melted in a way and came off so easily. It really left my skin glowing, I went and sat with my sister after I washed it off and she said straight away that I looked glowing and she didn't even know the face mask was meant to do that - if my 10 year old sister notices you know it works! My skin really felt hydrated after the application, I could really tell around my eye area which is where my skin is dehydrated the most! 

I am so impressed with this mask and can't believe it retails for only £1. I will be ordering a couple more of these soon for when my skin needs a pick me up and I fancy a pamper. Not only is this face mask great value for money and one of the best face masks I have tried, they are also cruelty free! You can read more about this mask and check out all of Montagne Jeunesse range here.  

Have you tried this face mask? What did you think?

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*PR Sample


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