Benefit Smoking Eyes Palette

I really dislike individual eyeshadows, I find them to be such a faff and I can never work out which ones would work well together so I always pick up palettes. I had fallen completely in love with the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Palette so when I saw this Benefit Smokin' Eyes Palette* I knew I had to give it a try. This palette is going to be perfect for the upcoming party season and I know I am going to get tonnes of use out of this beauty already! 
Benefit Smoking Eyes Palette
Benefit Smoking Eyes Palette
Benefit Smoking Eyes Palette
Benefit Smoking Eyes Palette
Like all Benefit products, the packaging is gorgeous. On the front of the packaging is a beautiful illustration of the eye look that you aim to create which I think is a lovely touch and very similar to the Big Beautiful Eyes Palette which I love. This palette not only includes the eyeshadows to create the look but also Brow-Zings,Eye Bright, a mini black eye liner as well as the tools to create the look on the go so we have mini tweezers to sort out those brows and a double ended eyeshadow brush. Inside the palette is a mirror which makes on the go application even better as well as a guide on how to apply. I love this little touch as if you gifted this to someone who is a beginner at eye make up this will definitely help them out! 

The three eye shadows are all you need to create a stunning smoky eye. For the lid there is a Pewter shade, for the crease there is a deep charcoal which is also great for the lower lash line. And finally there is a pink highlight, I didn't think I would like pink as a highlight but I actually really like it! The shades are so pigmented as I expected from Benefit. They blend so well and last all day even without primer on my lids. Brow-Zings comes in a light shade which I didn't think I would get much use out of as I have pretty dark brows but this paired with Gimme Brow works amazingly and achieves that power brow! To apply Brow-Zings I used the angled end of the eye shadow brush and it worked very well, was pretty impressed with the quality of the brush. The mini tweezers are the perfect edition, I am going to take these out of the palette and pop them in my handbag as there is nothing worse than seeing how bad your brows look in the car. These tweezers get the job done and are just as good as my full size ones.

Benefit Smoking Eyes Palette Swatches
Swatched: Left to Right is Pink Highlight, Pewter Shade, Charcoal Shade, Brow Zings and Eye Bright

This palette is going to be the perfect addition to my makeup bag for the coming party season and I know I am going to get tonnes of use out of this beauty. I love the fact that not only can you create a complete eye look with this but that you can also do your brows too! I cannot recommend this enough and I am so happy to have this. This palette retails for around £30 but if you want to get it slightly cheaper check out Cosme-De. On the site is so many brands such as Benefit, NARS, Bareminerals and GlamGlow to name a few at slightly cheaper prices! 

Have you tried this palette? What did you think of it?

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